Live Shot Buddy

A mobile app for live shot directional assistance

Geolocation reporting for better communication

Easy information entry and sharing



May 8, 2019: Version 2.2 is available!


Updated to Swift 5.0. Made code optimizations.


Sept. 28, 2017: Version 2.1 released


Updated to Swift 4.0 and iOS 11. Changed graphics and other content. Minor UI tweaks and other bugs fixes.


Jan. 26, 2017: Version 2.0.1 released


Log on notifications have been changed to reflect the server activity. Logging in may take up to 15 seconds due to the new server "waking up." The more app activity; the longer the server will stay awake.

Make sure your app is updated to this latest release. The Parse servers will be shutting down in a couple days. If you are not updated, then your app version will no longer work. This app will continue service on the new server.


Dec. 12, 2016: Version 2.0.0 released


The back-end service along with the database has been moved to a private server. Connections to the app may take longer, so a splash page was added to inform the user of session loading. These changes were neccessary due to the Parse server shutdown. If you experience long logins or have any issues, feel free to email me at Additionally, the source code was updated to Swift 3.0 along with a few other optimizations and bug fixes.

On January 28, 2017, the Parse server will shut down. This means that if you have not updated the app to at least version 2.0.0, the app will no longer work. Most devices will automatically upgrade, but in case you manually upgrade software, this is a heads up.



This application has two primary functions. Signal directional assistance and geolocation reporting. Each of these tasks are critical for crews to gather news elements in the field. This application drastically reduces the amount of time to align a microwave signal by providing visual data to the user on which direction to aim the antenna. With a few button pushes, your producers at home will know your live shot location with the physical address name.